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Boise Fashion Stores for Weddings

Boise fashion elevates to a new level when it comes to weddings. Our experts researched the fashion scene and what is trending throughout all of the wedding affiliated clothing stores in Boise Idaho  to keep you on trend. Here is what we found the locals are gravitating towards when it comes to their big day and how they shop. Sarabeth Bridal for the Bride The first item on the list is the wedding dress! If you are looking for a true boutique experience for your wedding dress. Stop at Sarabeth Bridal in BoDo. This shop is an adorable gem that is located on the second floor of the 8th Street Marketplace building. Schedule your appointment and bring all of those closest to you to enjoy a relaxed fitting session. This will ensure you select the dress the best represents you for your big day.  Rooney Mae for Mom Once you have picked your dress as a Bride, it will be time to start thinking about your wedding party. Have your mother of the Bride's dress made by Rooney Mae! Rooney Mae s

Voxn - Sustainable Fashion Brand Made in Boise

Voxn is a boise based company that started as an online boutique and opened the storefront in 2017.

Fast forward years later and Voxn is considered of the the best clothing boutiques in Boise because of their dedication to community involvement and sustainable practices. Being Boise's fashion experts, we had to sit down with their Creative Director and ask all the good questions about how exactly they go about being a sustainable brand and what they can recommend for other up and coming brands. 

The brand started as a boutique with various vendors and grew into their own brand over the years and with much help from their loyal patrons. This was the idea from inception, but took years to finally get a footing. We sat down with the Creative Director of Voxn, Erica Becker, to ask her all the questions on why she is passionate to lead the company in a sustainable way. 

What made you decide you wanted to implement sustainability into Voxn's operations?

My younger years of working in retail environments, I was exposed to numerous shipments that were unpacked and the excessive amount of packaging that came in from each brand and each piece. There was always so much. It was sad to see that it was just used for shipping garments from one place to another. I told myself then that if I was ever in a position to mitigate that, I would do my best. Today at Voxn, we use the least amount of plastic as possible. We let our customers know that we ship without all the extra additives so that we maintain accountability in our carbon footprint. 

Once I was finished with school and had my first job as a designer in the industry, there was a new exposure to a different level of waste and that was through the design process. There were so many techniques that used excessive amounts of water in dying processes and fabrics that were made from brand new grey good when there were many options to use recycled materials.

At that time, the cost of recycled materials were still extremely expensive and many companies were not in a position to build a new pricing strategy around that increase so they stayed the course. Recycled options are still higher in price, but have become more affordable. This is why you will see a premium price point with Voxn--we use environment conscious materials regardless of cost. 

What ways do you incorporate sustainability into Voxn?

We really focus on cutting down waste as much as possible. We do this through less plastic, less packaging, recycled fabrics, recycled threads, emailed receipts as much as we can, etc. 

Where do you see Voxn growing even more when it comes to sustainability?

Our next project, without giving away too many details, we are hoping to create a garment recycle program. This program will give our customers opportunities to recycle or repair their garments before deciding to send them somewhere that they may ultimately end up in the landfill. This is just a snippet into what we could do. We are always keeping our eyes peeled for new technologies to be on the forefront of the next recycling program. 

What advice can you give to aspiring designers who are just starting out?

I love answering this question. Yes, you are just starting out and it may be scary. The beauty in your position is that you have seen a lot of what doesn't work for businesses and you are able to take those lessons and implement them into your practice to build a brand from the ground up that is as sustainable as it can be for its time. 

This was such a great interview and there are some really great takeaways from this. Whether you are an aspiring designer or a retail store owner looking for sustainable boutique vendors, there are insights to obtainable solutions for you. 


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