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Boise Fashion Stores for Weddings

Boise fashion elevates to a new level when it comes to weddings. Our experts researched the fashion scene and what is trending throughout all of the wedding affiliated clothing stores in Boise Idaho  to keep you on trend. Here is what we found the locals are gravitating towards when it comes to their big day and how they shop. Sarabeth Bridal for the Bride The first item on the list is the wedding dress! If you are looking for a true boutique experience for your wedding dress. Stop at Sarabeth Bridal in BoDo. This shop is an adorable gem that is located on the second floor of the 8th Street Marketplace building. Schedule your appointment and bring all of those closest to you to enjoy a relaxed fitting session. This will ensure you select the dress the best represents you for your big day.  Rooney Mae for Mom Once you have picked your dress as a Bride, it will be time to start thinking about your wedding party. Have your mother of the Bride's dress made by Rooney Mae! Rooney Mae s

The Insider on Boise Fashion Week

We all hear it. New York Fashion Week, Met Gala, Paris, Milan. French Designers, Italian, LA. Fashion Weeks and major fashion events are so fun to tune into and even more fun to attend! While they are glamorous and exciting, they can been far fetched and have style that you would never wear anywhere else. 

We wanted to create an experience where we could showcase local boutiques and designers with styles that are trending in Boise and practical. That is where Boise Fashion Week came in!

We decided it was time to take matters into our own hands and put together a quality production that the Boise community has been craving for years. Boise Fashion Week will feature multiple different categories and last a few days. These categories will be Bridal, Boutiques, Men's and Boise Apparel.

This collaboration event between all the shops in downtown Boise and Idaho Clothing Stores will happen annually and will be a fairly large production! So fun, right?! You may be asking yourself when does it happen and how do I get involved?

First and foremost, there are different ways to be involved. You can be a Designer, Boutique, Model, Press, Staging. You will need to ask yourself in what way you would like to be involved. Please note that most of our positions with Boise Fashion Week are volunteer positions with great opportunity to gain valuable experience in fashion to build your resume and further your career. 

Start by asking yourself what your goals are in fashion and then read our next blog on what the different committees are for Boise Fashion Week and their responsibilities. 



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