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Boise Fashion Stores for Weddings

Boise fashion elevates to a new level when it comes to weddings. Our experts researched the fashion scene and what is trending throughout all of the wedding affiliated clothing stores in Boise Idaho  to keep you on trend. Here is what we found the locals are gravitating towards when it comes to their big day and how they shop. Sarabeth Bridal for the Bride The first item on the list is the wedding dress! If you are looking for a true boutique experience for your wedding dress. Stop at Sarabeth Bridal in BoDo. This shop is an adorable gem that is located on the second floor of the 8th Street Marketplace building. Schedule your appointment and bring all of those closest to you to enjoy a relaxed fitting session. This will ensure you select the dress the best represents you for your big day.  Rooney Mae for Mom Once you have picked your dress as a Bride, it will be time to start thinking about your wedding party. Have your mother of the Bride's dress made by Rooney Mae! Rooney Mae s

The Different Committees for Boise Fashion Week

Okay! You've gotten this far so you must really be interested in being a part of Boise Fashion Week -A collaboration of the Clothing Stores in Boise. You are here wondering what the different committees are and what they all entail. So let's get started!

It's very important for to you ask yourself what you are really looking to gain with your experience at Boise Fashion Week. Are you a theater major who is looking to build their portfolio for Set Design? Then Staging Committee may be for you. Maybe you are looking to gain more experience in marketing and sales? Our Marketing and Advertising Committee would be the fit for you! Maybe you are an aspiring Makeup Artist! Join our Beauty Team! Here is more information on the committees and their main responsibilities:

Modeling - The Modeling Committee is responsible for finding models for the show and organizing their contact information and what stores/designers they are modeling for and what days. You will help coordinate fittings, working with staging to design models walk choreography and rehearsals. 

Staging - The Staging Committee will be the guru for bringing the theme of the show alive through props and stage layout. They will create the flow of the runway and work to design the sets and coordinate the appropriate committee volunteers to help bring that set to life! They also all flair to the show through lighting, music/dance coordination and music playlists. 

Marketing and Advertising -Marketing and Advertising Committee will run our social channels, great graphics for the show and sell advertising on our promotion materials and our magazine. The different platforms of marketing are digital, print, and pre-show events. 

Apparel Relations - The Apparel Relations Committee will coordinate with the Designers and Boutiques. They will schedule fittings with Modeling Committee and manage the location of each designer or boutique the day of the show and how their booth will be displayed. 

Beauty - Our Beauty team is responsible for hair and make up the day of the show. They will work with Designers and Producers to capture the vision of the show in a gorgeous collaboration. 

Boise Fashion Week is a great way to gain experience in a real fashion setting, network and showcase shopping in Boise. We look forward to talking to you soon!


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