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Boise Fashion Stores for Weddings

Boise fashion elevates to a new level when it comes to weddings. Our experts researched the fashion scene and what is trending throughout all of the wedding affiliated clothing stores in Boise Idaho  to keep you on trend. Here is what we found the locals are gravitating towards when it comes to their big day and how they shop. Sarabeth Bridal for the Bride The first item on the list is the wedding dress! If you are looking for a true boutique experience for your wedding dress. Stop at Sarabeth Bridal in BoDo. This shop is an adorable gem that is located on the second floor of the 8th Street Marketplace building. Schedule your appointment and bring all of those closest to you to enjoy a relaxed fitting session. This will ensure you select the dress the best represents you for your big day.  Rooney Mae for Mom Once you have picked your dress as a Bride, it will be time to start thinking about your wedding party. Have your mother of the Bride's dress made by Rooney Mae! Rooney Mae s

The Best Boise Apparel from a Local

If you are traveling into Boise you may be wondering what the best places for shopping in Boise. While there are many shops in downtown Boise we would like to introduce you to our favorite boise apparel brand--Voxn Clothing. 

Downtown Boise stores are fun to shop because most places are local. Our favorite place to shop is Voxn Clothing in BoDo because they have unique pieces and make a lot of them here in Boise. It's a great place to find womens bottoms and designer tops

While you are downtown and walking through the BoDo Fashion District on your way to grab some dinner and catch a movie, you may have passed a small and mysterious store. This story may appear to you as a small boutique, but inside there is something that is bigger--so very much bigger. 

Voxn opened their storefront in 2017 and have grown at a steady pace since then. It's truly been so fun to see and cover their story. The first month of their store opening, they had a fashion show to release their first collection and it was mesmerizing. The brand has grown outside of the 800sqft space into a larger space, first nation and then international brand and now has a boise based manufacturing studio. 

There are many Idaho Clothing stores that carry Voxn in their assortment because the brand has created a wave of iconic representation due to how much the help the local community with their local sourcing strategy. Majority of the pieces that are designed by Voxn are sourcing from within the United States and final assembly is in Boise, Idaho. This has provided tens of jobs to the local community and so many opportunities for those who are interested in a career in Fashion to have a platform to learn and exercise their skills. 

Voxn is known for their sustainable practices. They have implemented recycling programs for their retail waste and construct garments using recycled materials. There is so much too unpack with the different techniques they shared with us on the different materials and we are going to cover this in another post because they are techniques that you as a shopper should be aware of. The fashion industry is one of the leading industries that produces the most waste and knowing what brands you are supporting and how the manage their supply chains is becoming a forefront topic for many. 

Finally, of all the downtown boise stores, we also really love Voxn because of their philanthropic nature. They have donated to so many organization in the community and have established a sewing program to teach sewing skills in the community that are otherwise not obtainable in the area. We would love to expand more on this program in our next blog because it is something worth sharing. 

These are just a few reasons that as Boise's Fashion Experts who are covering the Boise fashion scene that we love Voxn. If it sounds like Voxn could be a place you would like to check out, click here to see their online boutique


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