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Boise Fashion Stores for Weddings

Boise fashion elevates to a new level when it comes to weddings. Our experts researched the fashion scene and what is trending throughout all of the wedding affiliated clothing stores in Boise Idaho  to keep you on trend. Here is what we found the locals are gravitating towards when it comes to their big day and how they shop. Sarabeth Bridal for the Bride The first item on the list is the wedding dress! If you are looking for a true boutique experience for your wedding dress. Stop at Sarabeth Bridal in BoDo. This shop is an adorable gem that is located on the second floor of the 8th Street Marketplace building. Schedule your appointment and bring all of those closest to you to enjoy a relaxed fitting session. This will ensure you select the dress the best represents you for your big day.  Rooney Mae for Mom Once you have picked your dress as a Bride, it will be time to start thinking about your wedding party. Have your mother of the Bride's dress made by Rooney Mae! Rooney Mae s

Valentine's Day in BoDo in Downtown Boise

Tis the season of love. Valentine's Day is officially Date Night in Boise. What do your Valentine's Day plans should look like? We live in a time of self driving cars, 3D printers and pet hotels. Needless to say, technology is everywhere--even on Valentine's Day. This Valentine's Day we are going to harness this ample technology by taking you on a virtual date to help jog some ideas for your plans. The first stop on our digital date...
(que colorful swirls and cool sound effects)
Voxn Clothing
For this date, we are going to need to dress for casual, yet stylish. Stop into the Voxn Flagship in Bodo for clothing in Downtown Boise. Let our stylist work with you to dress you up or dress you in a more casual look. For this date, you're going to want to dress semi-casual. We suggest the Lacy Sweater and Moto Leggings. Also, grab a coupon from us for VR1 Arcade. 
VR1 Arcade
Boise's First VR arcade in BoDo just opened! This is such a fun way to go on a date or to hang out with your friends. You get set up with the headset, microphone and earphones. You can play a one player game or challenge your friend to a match. I suggest boxing. You have to try it!
Yoi Tomo Sushi
For dinner, get adventurous by trying different sushi rolls at Yoi Tomo. Yoi Tomo has the best sushi in downtown Boise with so many to choose from! You can even get all you can eat! It's such a great ways to try all the different kinds of rolls and they just expanded to serve even more guests!
The Stil
Finish the night off with Boise's best dessert - The Stil Ice Cream Shop in Downtown Boise. But wait, it's not just ice cream... they kick it up a notch with pairing artisan ice cream with different alcohols. Yes! It's as good as it sounds. I would suggest ordering a flight. You can get all ice cream or half ice cream and half alcohol. It's such a great way to share. Another option would be to get a pint to take home to catch that show on Netflix. 
The best part about this date night? It doesn't have to be with just a romantic interest, it can be with your girlfriends or even a group! Have fun!


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