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Benefits of Mask Training in Voxn Washable Masks

  There are many respiratory benefits to fitness training while wearing a face mask like strengthening your heart and lungs. It may seem odd or uncomfortable to have to wear a mask everywhere, especially while working out at the gym. My job is to guide others through workouts where I spend a lot of time at the gym wearing a mask. So, my perspective on masks changed when I was forced to adapt and overcome in order to provide the best service with   my job at the gym and workouts. Over time I started to notice a significant change in my breathing patterns and lung capacity. The first few weeks were rough because I could hardly catch by breath and often would gasp for air. I felt defeated at times by the mask because I was not able to perform at what I thought was my best. I became curious about how to practice breathing techniques to help with the training mask and found a lot of research about different benefits. Find a  breathable mask  that you can feel comfortable working out in to g

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