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Valentine's Day in BoDo in Downtown Boise

Tis the season of love. Valentine's Day is officially Date Night in Boise. What do your Valentine's Day plans should look like? We live in a time of self driving cars, 3D printers and pet hotels. Needless to say, technology is everywhere--even on Valentine's Day. This Valentine's Day we are going to harness this ample technology by taking you on a virtual date to help jog some ideas for your plans. The first stop on our digital date... (que colorful swirls and cool sound effects) Voxn Clothing For this date, we are going to need to dress for casual, yet stylish. Stop into the Voxn Flagship in Bodo for clothing in Downtown Boise. Let our stylist work with you to dress you up or dress you in a more casual look. For this date, you're going to want to dress semi-casual. We suggest the Lacy Sweater and Moto Leggings. Also, grab a coupon from us for VR1 Arcade.  VR1 Arcade Boise's First VR arcade in BoDo just opened! This is such a fun way to go on a date or to hang o…

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